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Early Settlers of Woodford County

From the book Past and Present of Woodford County, Illinois 1878. This list was, in turn, taken from a work entitled Old Settlers History of Woodford County by Professor Radford of Eureka College. This file was contributed by Amy Robbins-Tjaden.

Daniel Allison Walnut Grove 1831 Rev. Ben. Major Walnut Grove 1833
John Armstrong near Panther Creek ____ Joseph Martin  Walnut Grove 1829
William Atteberry Walnut Grove 1829 C. P. Mason Metamora 1835
Samuel Back Germantown 1834 David Matthews  Spring Bay 1829
Jonathan Baker Walnut Grove 1826 James S. McCord near Panther Creek 1830
David Banta Metamora 1831 William McCord Panther Creek 1831
Cornelius Banta Metamora 1831 Daniel Meek  Walnut Grove 1826
Joseph Belsley Spring Bay 1831 Joseph Meek Walnut Grove 1830
John Benson White Oak Grove 1831 Henry Meek Walnut Grove 1830
William Benson White Oak Grove 1831 Noel Meek near Panther Creek 1832
James Benson White Oak Grove 1831 Basil Meek near Panther Creek 1832
_____ Bilberry Panther Creek 1828 James Mitchell Walnut Grove 1833
John Bird Walnut Grove 1827 Charles Molitor Germantown 1835
James Bird Walnut Grove 1829 Charles Moore Walnut Grove 1826
Robert Bird Walnut Grove 1829 Josiah Moore near Panther Creek 1830
William Bird Walnut Grove 1830 Campbell Moore near Panther Creek 1830
Isaac Black Walnut Grove 1831 William C. Moore near Panther Creek ____
Matthew Blair Walnut Creek 1830 Parker Morse Low Point 1835
William Blanchard near Spring Bay 1822 Isaac Moulton Low Point 1835
Wm. (or Geo.) Blaylock near Spring Bay 1819 Peter Muler Germantown 1832
Matthew Bracken Walnut Grove 1829 Rev. John Oatman Walnut Grove 1830
Jonah Brown White Oak Grove 1833 Nathan Owen Walnut Grove 1829
Morgan Buckingham Low Point ____ Rev. James Owens Low Point 1835
M. R. Bullock Walnut Grove 1834 John Page, Sr. Metamora 1834
Thomas Bullock Walnut Grove 1835 Eli Patrick Walnut Grove 1829
John Butcher Walnut Grove 1831 Allen Patrick Walnut Grove 1829
Reubin Carlock White Oak Grove 1833 Rev. Abner Peeler White Oak Grove ____
Winton Carlock White Oak Grove 1833 Samuel Philips White Oak Grove 1828
Horace Creeker near Spring Bay ____ Robert Philips White Oak Grove 1828
Austin Crocker Spring Bay 1824 William Philips near Spring Bay 1823
Rowland Crocker Spring Bay 1828 James V. Phillips White Oak Grove ____
Hiram Curry Spring Bay 1829 Benj. J. Radford Walnut Grove 1834
Cooley Curtis Walnut Grove 1831 James Rayburn Panther Creek ____
Jesse Dale Spring Bay 1829 Aaron Richardson Panther Creek 1831
Rev. Wm. Davenport Walnut Grove 1834 James M. Richardson Panther Creek 1831
John Davidson Walnut Grove 1829 Rev. James Robeson Panther Creek 1835
Caleb Davidson Walnut Grove 1831 John Sharp Germantown 1830
Daniel Deweese Walnut Grove 1830 Phineas Shottenkirk Spring Bay 1831
Thomas Deweese Walnut Grove 1830 John F. Smith Germantown 1830
Thomas Deweese Walnut Grove 1832 Christian Smith Partridge Point 1833
Elijah Dickinson Walnut Grove 1835 John Snyder Spring Bay 1834
_____ Dillon near Spring Bay ____ Isaac Snyder Spring Bay 1834
Joseph Dillon Walnut Grove 1824 Peter Snyder Spring Bay 1834
F. Dixon on Mackinaw 1835 David Snyder Spring Bay 1834
?Widow? Donohue Spring Bay 1829 William Sowards Metamora 1823
John Dowdy Walnut Grove 1829 Solomon Sowards Metamora 1823
Jacob Ellis White Oak Grove 1833 Lewis Stephens White Oak Grove 1830
Jacob Ellis White Oak Grove 1833 John  Stephenson Spring Bay 1824
Peter Engle, Sr. Metamora 1833 Amasa Stout Panther Creek 1828
Charles Fielder Spring Bay 1827 Rev. Lewis Stover White Oak Grove 1832
_____ Gingerich near Spring Bay ____ Thomas Sunderland Germantown 1834
Louis Guibert near Spring Bay 1833 Daniel Travis Walnut Grove 1831
Rev. Zadock Hall Germantown 1833 Solomon Tucker Walnut Grove 1835
John Harbert White Oak Grove 1829 James Vance White Oak Grove 1835
James Harlan south of Walnut Grove 1832 John Verkler Metamora 1833
Gershom Harvey on Mackinaw 1825 _____ Wathen Walnut Grove 1827
Adam Henthorne Panther Creek ____ Rev. Amos Watkins near Panther Creek 1830
George Hopkins Spring Bay 1829 Warren Watkins near Panther Creek 1830
William Hoshor Spring Bay 1830 Joseph Wilkerson Panther Creek ____
William Hunter Spring Bay 1835 Benjamin Williams Partridge Creek 1827
Thomas Jones Low Point 1834 Richard Williams Spring Bay 1829
Thomas Kincade Walnut Grove 1833 Francis Willis Walnut Grove 1831
George Kingston Spring Bay 1823 William R. Willis Walnut Grove 1834
George Kingston Metamora 1825 Jacob Wilson Spring Bay 1828
Samuel Kirkpatrick White Oak Grove 1831 Rev. Joshua Woosley Walnut Grove 1831
Humphrey Leighton Metamora 1835